How To Run A Social Media Campaign? Your Step-By-Step Guide To Running A Social Media Campaign


Social media ads offer several benefits over traditional advertisements – from increased brand awareness to gaining customer insights. It opens the road to easy and effective brand building. However, making your social media campaigns successful requires proper planning and strategizing. Hiring an expert social media team that focuses on small business marketing New York would make things easier for you. Here we list out a step-by-step approach to running a social media campaign. 

Set The Campaign Goals 

Before setting up the campaign, you should know why you are running it. Therefore, the first step is to figure out the end goal of the campaign. You can set up campaigns for different goals – promote an event, improve brand reach, increase engagement, better website traffic, and more. 

When you have clarity about your campaign goals, you can optimize the content and make it more effective. Setting up a campaign without a goal is just a waste of resources and affects all aspects of the social media campaign. Without a goal, you can hardly determine whether the campaign was successful or not. Also, make sure the campaign goal is measurable, relevant, and attainable. 

Determine The Buyer Persona

The next step is to identify your target group. The more you know about your customer, the more effective the campaign becomes. Create a proper buyer persona with extensive details about the customer such as name, age, income, location, pain points, etc. Once you nail down the details about the customer, you know whom you are talking to and tweak the message accordingly. 

Select The Right Platforms 

As you know, social media differs from each other in the content type as well as the frequency of posting. For example, the strategy you use for Facebook might not work with Twitter. Before setting up the campaign, you should choose the social media channels that give you the best benefits. 

Once you have created your buyer persona, you can figure out the right platforms where they spend time. Moreover, you can check your website analytics data to know the social media channels that give you the best benefits in the past. 

Use A Social Media Calendar 

The next step is to know the right time to launch the campaign. Having a social media calendar helps you to understand the days of the week and times that give better engagement with your target group. You can understand the type of content that gives you more engagement. When you have more data, you can optimize the campaign benefits. 

Choose The Content Format

Now you have to choose the type and format of content that you need to push to your target persona. Since you are clear about the campaign goals, you can identify the format of content that works best for you. Once you know the type of content you should create, the next right step is to develop it. You can work with an influencer or content creator as well if you are running short of time or ideas. 

Schedule The Posts      

Your goal is set, the content is ready, and you know the best time to launch it. Now it’s time to publish your post. You can do it manually or use a scheduling tool for planning, creating, and executing a campaign. 

Engage With Your Audience

The job is not over yet. It is important to engage with your audience to improve the effectiveness of the campaigns. Make sure that you reply promptly when someone responds to the campaign. By engaging with the customers, you can establish a bond with your customers. It will help you build loyal customers and increase the customer retention rate.

Make Use of Analytics

Now it’s time to sit back and monitor the results of the campaign. You can make use of analytics tools to understand what worked and what failed. Also, you can understand the timings when the campaigns perform well. You can use this data to tweak your campaigns and improve effectiveness. 

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